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Micky Mouse 1000% Be@rbrick

Kill me now.  As you’ve noticed, I am a toy collector. I love them. This 28 inch piece of plastic has me wide eyed and feindin’!  In my collection I have only about 10, 50% Be@rbricks. So naturally owning this 1000% would be dope as shit and I would be a happy little Jennifer and blahblahblah so on and so on.  This Medicom Micky Mouse one will run you about $450 at Kidrobot.

Email me at jfarrist@gmail.com for my shipping address if you are so inclined to hook it up.


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Kidrobot Smorkin’ Labbit Stool

I have needed this since the first colour way of white was release in 2007.  In 2008 Kidrobot released a powder blue chair, and here we are in ’09 with the pink Labbit Stool. I don’t even like the colour pink. Something about this particular one has got me feelin it more than the other two colour ways.  I mean the piece is limited. I’m pretty sure the production numbers on this can’t be more than 50-100. It’s a smorking rabbit (or labbit to certain ethnicites). It’s by Frank Kozik. It’s a piece of art AND furniture. Downside, I can’t afford it.  It’s  $1,250.00, I wonder if I can hit up Paulie Paul for a serious barter session.

Anyone out there who is willing to give to the needy and not the greedy, please email me at jfarrist@gmail.com for my shipping address.


Wow, by me saying that I’m in need of this makes me sound all kinds of fucked up. Meh. Let the truth be known! I need it.

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