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The Magical Folding Bike.

drawingstudiobikeI posted this on my other blog, the one where I try really hard to make myself sound a bit cultured, and since this bike isn’t in production and even if it was I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it, it only seemed right for it to be posted here.

This bike doesn’t have a name, but in my mind it’s called “The Magical Folding Bike” because it is indeed a product of magic. On my quest to find the perfect bike, I’ve come across many variations of color and price, with tricked out features I have no time for. So after coming in contact with this perfecting crafted bike, I fell in love. It was created by 24 year old Dominic Hargreaves after his beloved bike collapsed. The bike can be folded into the span of the wheel and can fit in any nook or cranny making it space efficient. Word is, Dominic is in talks to have the bike mass produced sometime in the next year. One can only hope…


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