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Micky Mouse 1000% Be@rbrick

Kill me now.  As you’ve noticed, I am a toy collector. I love them. This 28 inch piece of plastic has me wide eyed and feindin’!  In my collection I have only about 10, 50% Be@rbricks. So naturally owning this 1000% would be dope as shit and I would be a happy little Jennifer and blahblahblah so on and so on.  This Medicom Micky Mouse one will run you about $450 at Kidrobot.

Email me at for my shipping address if you are so inclined to hook it up.


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Halo Light – Graffiti Made Easy.

haloI’ve never been a graffiti head like some of my friends or family, I think it’s an under appreciated art form, but that’s where my knowledge and appreciation cuts off. For those street art lovers and graffiti heads out there, French designer Aissa Logerot has created this Halo light for graffiti artists who want to use light and long shutter photography instead of aerosol. The can is shaped just like a can of spray paint but features an LED light where the paint would come out. You can change the color and intensity at the other end, and once it runs out of battery power you can actually shake it up to regain power.

Pictures and examples under the hood:

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Ping Pong Table.

tobiasfraenzel-ping-pong-door-600x431No this is no normal ping pong table my friends. This gem doubles as an actual DOOR. Yes, it probably would an eyesore from all the fabulous things I have in my house right now (cough), but how amazing would it be to just wake up one day and play a round of ping pong with your roommate out of the blue? Totally RAD!

It would probably be nice to play beer pong on as well…no?


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