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Margiela Disco Pants

00190mEveryone has heard of a party in your pants, but these Maison Martin Margiela mirrored leggings make for a party on your pants. I can’t help but yern for a black pair of these sparkly beauties. One can only hope though, at around $2,500.00 these babies are sold out. Apparently we aren’t in a recession?

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Lil Black Birdie

Black Bird flyI heart all things retro. My love also extends to quirky cameras. Pair these two things together and BOOM, enter the Blackbird, Fly 135 Twins Reflex Camera, a lovely Japanese creation. The vintage inspired camera produces delicious and dewy images using 35mm film and two lenses. One lens frames the subject while the other exposes the film. At $130 the Blackbird, Fly is definitely reasonable as far as cameras are concerned. Sadly, my budget is not reasonable, I am broke. Check out the Blackbird here or browse the large gallery of Blackbird images.


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