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I am a college student, journalism major, freelancer, thinker, steezy, creative, person from the concrete sprawls of Phoenix, Arizona.

I Dream A Jacket

djacket djacket2

Oh Diesel, I can always count on you to have some fly item or other. Let me introduce the women’s laime leather jacket, running for a cool $600. Is that the French way to spell ‘laime’/lame or something? Anyways…Maybe I’m dreaming of cooler days way too soon, no way I can bust out a leather jacket just yet. Considering it has been 105+ degrees in Phoenix, but can you blame me? I mean really. Check the delicious-ness at 80s Purple, where other affordable items do exist.


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Aren’t these ‘Nise’


I saw these featured on a while ago, and I still haven’t forgotten about these beauties. Done by Upper Echelon Shoes, these are called ‘Nise’. They are made of pink denim and there ain’t anything like a gold link chain to spice some sneakers up. Running for $250, it’s not too bad a price for some ‘upper crust’ sneakers, aha. I suppose.


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Blue Gazelle whattahuhhuh?


The Blue Gazelles done by Claw Money are how shall we say, vicious, in my book. There are an array of colors to grab these in, but the blue just really jumped out at me. For a cool 250 bones, these could be mine. Which currently, I can’t afford, but if I scraped up some dough, they could be. It’s a matter of nessecity now I suppose. Ha. -Rio


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2009 Dodge Challenger RT

2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8

With a price rounding up at $22, 945, with 25 miles per gallon, and its smooth body and basic bad-assness, I introduce the 2009 Dodge Challenger RT. I’m not a carhead with extensive knowledge, but I hold my own for being a female. It drove me crazy that I’d see this car around here and there and I WAS NOT able to recognize it. Luckily, that’s what google is for. What color though? That’s the problem… red, black, or white. Hmmm. I like the white.



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Will Starve for Art


This piece was done by the artist Reyes, a solid member of the large urban art crew the Seventh Letter. The colors and brush stroke are really jumping out at me. So, in that being said,  I am COVETING this piece right now, it’s running for about $13,000. When I start making that scrilllllla, better believe my pad will have a variety of mixed medium pieces. In the mean time, I stare at my own pieces, and posters. LOL. Loan me 13g’s somebody.


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