Shompole, Nairobi – Kenya

I have a picture of this amazing place stuck up on my work desk if I need a moment of pure fantasy. Not completely out of reach for those with a little pocket money sitting around, the Shompole resort is my ideal destination right now.

I can actually imagine conceiving my future children here.

Open plan living? I say yes.

Let’s talk about why Shompole is so amazing:

  • It is bringing economy into Kenya – something we all know Africa is in dire need of.
  • The whole resort is based on conservation, good for all you greenies.
  • Amazing architecture.
  • Africa is a different cultural experience for everyone – you can indulge in safari’s and meet people from the Masai tribe, canoe around and eat amazing Kenyan food.
  • There is water flowing through every room and that means,
  • PRIVATE POOLS, which also means,

I’m pretty sure I’ve got you all sold now. Check out their website here.



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2 responses to “Shompole, Nairobi – Kenya

  1. cebellario

    LOL Kayta…that last bullet on why Shompole is so amazing….GREAT.

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