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Lil Black Birdie

Black Bird flyI heart all things retro. My love also extends to quirky cameras. Pair these two things together and BOOM, enter the Blackbird, Fly 135 Twins Reflex Camera, a lovely Japanese creation. The vintage inspired camera produces delicious and dewy images using 35mm film and two lenses. One lens frames the subject while the other exposes the film. At $130 the Blackbird, Fly is definitely reasonable as far as cameras are concerned. Sadly, my budget is not reasonable, I am broke. Check out the Blackbird here or browse the large gallery of Blackbird images.


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Nixon Black & Purple Rubber Player


Oh Nixon, just when I purchase a new hot pink G-Shock you come swooping down from above making me wish I’d never see a Casio again. These two color ways have just been added to the popular Rubber Player family. They consist of a Japanese Quartz movement, silicon case and band, and lastly one singluar diamond on the face of the watch. Worthy of a second glance, this watch will run you about $170 and is available at 80’s Purple. Surprisingly, I thought this would be a little more expensive…

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Kidrobot Smorkin’ Labbit Stool

I have needed this since the first colour way of white was release in 2007.  In 2008 Kidrobot released a powder blue chair, and here we are in ’09 with the pink Labbit Stool. I don’t even like the colour pink. Something about this particular one has got me feelin it more than the other two colour ways.  I mean the piece is limited. I’m pretty sure the production numbers on this can’t be more than 50-100. It’s a smorking rabbit (or labbit to certain ethnicites). It’s by Frank Kozik. It’s a piece of art AND furniture. Downside, I can’t afford it.  It’s  $1,250.00, I wonder if I can hit up Paulie Paul for a serious barter session.

Anyone out there who is willing to give to the needy and not the greedy, please email me at for my shipping address.


Wow, by me saying that I’m in need of this makes me sound all kinds of fucked up. Meh. Let the truth be known! I need it.

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Alex & Chloe – Holding You Forever Wedding Rings

A&C Wedding Rings

These make me want to tie the knot, maybe. Alex & Chloe create the most inventive and interesting jewelry. Bijules NYC is another favorite of mine, but while it seems like they create items with similar themes, Alex & Chloe are always pusing the limits of design. The price tag on this set of his & her rings is the price of a quarter of my classes, a whooping $3,500 on Forward by Revolve. If you have change to drop like that, then you should also email me to pay for my tuition. Just sayin’…

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Charlotte Olympia

Picture 30If you know me, you know I have a slight obsession with footwear and accessories. To hell with clothes, just give me an amazing pair of shoes and I’m content. Relatively new footwear label Charlotte Olympia is my newest shoe obsession and a favorite of ‘it’ girls Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. Insanely awesome and pretty expensive, Charlotte Olympia is the brain child of London socialite Charlotte Olympia Dellal. Half Brazilian and half English, the designer has been inspired by the glamour and glitz of the 1940s and 50s, a fact that is obvious in her designs.

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Topshop One Shoulder Playsuit

36P09VCOR_largeCan someone tell me why everything at Topshop is so over priced? I’ve never been able to put together valid reasoning in my mind as to why even basic items are over priced by $20 and $30. And for the life of me I can’t figure out why I keep spending money there. I’m pretty sure it’s just for hypes sake, because items like the tangerine one shoulder playsuit obviously keep me coming back. $90 may seem like a lot for this item, but to be honest it’s one of the cheaper items. Go figure…


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Nike Womens Gladiator – Metallic Silver

nike-wmns-gladiator-mid-silver-3-500x364I never would have thought in a million years that Nike would take it to this level. I guess someone in their headquarters took notice of the gladiator trend because this is the second time I’ve seen these Nike gladiator sandals floating around the internet. The first version, of black and white, didn’t really peak my interests, but these metallic silver sure does. Going for a semi affordable $110 USD, I think I can find a small place in my closet to fit these perfectly. More looks when you read more.

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